Parent Education Packages






Parent Education Packages


We can support your parent community by providing informative talks on various topics relating to early childhood.

Sessions provided in your preschool/daycare by a compassionate, nurturing and knowledgeable professional; our sessions are non-judgemental, providing a safe space for Q&As, we believe every situation, child & parent is unique, so there is never a “one size fits all”.


Healthy Sleep _ $199 exc. Applicable taxes


  • Bedtime / nap time / transition routines
  • Amount of sleep needed
  • Establishing (and maintaining) good habits
  • Tips & Strategies
  • Time for Q & A


Encouraging a healthy relationship with food $199 exc. Applicable taxes


  • Weaning/picky eating
  • Pressure (and its effects)
  • Division of responsibility
  • Food prep
  • Tips & Strategies


Early Literacy _ $199 exc. Applicable taxes


  • Importance of reading at home
  • Letters & Sounds
  • Encouraging a love of books
  • Practical tools to build early literacy skills


Book all 3 sessions to receive a $50 discount


Other Topics

If there are other topics which would serve your parent community, please feel free to connect with us by email , we can accommodate requests for specifically tailored talks.